Feel free to take a look at some of these sites that I thought you might find useful or of interest by clicking on the images below. There’s a brief description of each site too.


Alongside my writing, I run The Meddlesome Meeples Network, which runs a number of Audio Podcasts and Youtube shows on subjects such as modern board and card games, book reviews, music news and very geeky discussions.



As a lifelong music fan I am proud to run Paradise Rock UK. Established at the end of 2011 our website brings together music news, reviews and interviews. We currently deal with press and record labels from the UK, Germany, Italy, Japan, America and Canada.


Life, Laughter and Liz is a great little blog by my great little sister. It’s full of tips and advice on budgeting, cooking and how to be more frugal so should be helpful for a lot of people during these difficult economic times.


Dropbox is a fantastic way to get your files, photo’s etc synced over multiple computers and other devices. It’s also a great way to backup your important documents because you can save a copy on the online server, which is secure. Best part? It’s free!