This poem will feature in a future book of poetry entitled “Reflections”.


A veil has dropped

In front of me

What’s going on

I cannot see?

Stranger’s come

And strangers go,


That I used to know.


The world around me

Has turned into a dark

Scary place

And there are days

I don’t even recognise

My own face.

Things I knew

Are now long gone

How am I supposed,

To carry on?

People ignore me

Since I’ve had this veil

Now because

They think I’m frail

They don’t ask my opinion

My rights curtail.

I make no decisions

I’m not even told

What’s happening around me

But I’ve only grown old.

They whisper of a beast

They call it Dementia

And the men in white coats

They act like militia.

I’ve become their prisoner

Since this veil has dropped

So many things forgotten

My memories are locked.

Trapped inside myself

Not treated like a human

My senses not trusted

So much an illusion.

I feel so trapped

I have no freedom

I can’t even recall

The things I have eaten.

The veil gets thicker

As I draw near the end

I just wish I could recall

The face of one friend.

What’s left of me screams

As darkness engulfs my mind

I won’t even remember

The one’s I leave behind.

But everything was there

Locked deep inside of me

Hammering and shouting

Desperate to break free.

But no one would help me

Unlock what was inside

They just looked at me with sadness

As if I’d already died.

Copyright © Matthew Williams